Rainbows and Butterflies….and Feng Shui

After my dad passed away, every time I saw a double rainbow, I decided that was him saying “hi.” Rainbows evoke feelings of positivity-the storm’s over, sun coming out and butterflies.

2020 was a year of tremendous loss, so, recently,  anytime I’ve seen a rainbow, I’m hopeful.

Rain, of course is water, and the water element is very powerful in Feng Shui. Water is akin to stimulation of ides, communication, business and the flow of currency. 

Rain water is also cleansing, ridding of negative chi, new beginnings. Too big a storm, or a destructive storm,  is not good, nor is a little spritz helpful.

We probably all need a good storm now to quite literally clear the air and offer a chance for better communication.

Rainbows and stuff

As we transition into the Chinese New Year, the year of the Earth Pig (Boar), it is a good time to evaluate objects, people, and behaviors that no longer serve us. This next year brings fortune and challenges to navigate, best greeted with a clean slate, and house. 

Rainbows remind me that there are always good things to come as you travel your path on the earth, and that there is always something beautiful at the end of the storm.

May the year of the Earth Pig be good for you, and I will be sharing some cures and enhancements to assist in your success.

Good Fortune!