Summer Lovin’

Red is the color of love, right?

But it’s also the color of Summer, and the South.

In Feng Shui, the color red is associated with fire (obvious), fame and, reputation. Fire is represented by triangular shapes, and by animals as well.

We all have times where fame and reputation are more easily accessed, but in general this is a good area of your space to work on your prominence.

Be careful what you lie on

I love Jesus Of The Day, and hopefully am not offending anyone.

In Feng Shui, red in the bedroom is very auspicious for romance…most of the time.

Be careful that the pattern or overall effect is serene and romantic, and not reminiscent of a crime scene.
Pick red in small doses or as part of a pattern-too much red is too much yang and doesn’t support sleep. In this case, and with these sheets, you might never dare sleep again.


Show me the money

Trying to land a new client or gain a tenant? 

Put 3 red folders on your desk or workspace. If the space is in the East, Northeast or West, Southwest, tape 3 Chinese coins, with the 4 characters facing up, to the top of the folder. If you know the name of your perspective client, put their name on the folder in the corner. Put 3 folders out at a time. This will help bring the clients in and seal the deal. Put the folder away once the client is yours.

Good Fortune! 

Seeing Red…

Red, long the color of romance, is appropriate in reasonable doses in your bedroom according to Feng Shui. If a little is good, a lot is better does not apply here. Feng Shui is about Balance.

A pair of red candles is good, but you must light them and they should burn fairly equally.

Red artwork, preferably with a pair of something depicted in it is good as well.

A pair of red pillows, great!

No red beds-that’s too much.

Too much red and somebody will get burned.