Welcome back, Mercury Retrograde

Yes, I’m a believer…

• huge uptick in dropped calls

• mishaps

• misunderstandings

• delays

• miscommunication

• inability to communicate… sound familiar?

Welcome to the latest Mercury Retrograde: May 29-June 22.

This retrograde has the added bonus of heat, COVID fatigue, increase traffic everywhere, delays for most things that are shipped. 

This is not the time to explode, or implode. Envision taking a step back, and take some time to reassess the way you manage what’s coming at you.


• Signing Contracts

• Buying electronics, property, vehicles-large purchases

• Time sensitive travel

• Medical procedures

• Mediation/Group Resolution/Negotiations

Good for:

• Connecting with old friends

• Revamping

• Reviving practices

• Revisiting

• Rebooting

• Decluttering

• Reorganizing

By the way, Mercury appears blue and in Bazi and Feng Shui, is associated with the element water.

Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde, Big Change

Yay! Summer Is here! June 21 marked the Summer Solstice of 2020. The longest day of the year, coupled with a rare Solstice solar eclipse. It is said by some Feng Shui Masters if you observed this solstice solar eclipse outside, you will have 2 years of bad luck. As if we needed any more! The yang of the sun is essentially covered by the yin of the moon during an hour where there is supposed to be light, so it is considered sha chi, or bad chi, to expose yourself to it. I stayed inside!  

Now we have Mercury Retrograde. June 17-July 12. Problems with communication, delays in travel, meetings. Don’t sign a contract or make big purchases. A great time to complete a project, or practice anything with re-Revive, reorganize, review, revisit. 

2020 will certainly be a year that we all remember, but with the Summer solstice, change is in the air (and by change I do not mean COVID) All of this planetary activity gives way to big shifts. The year is more than half over, and we have an opportunity to move in a different direction. Let’s take it, get out in the sun and begin the process of healing. 

solstice eclipse
Solstice Eclipse

Mercury Retrograde and Yellow

Yes, it’s that time again: Mercury Retrograde – time for confusing conversations, travel delays and electronics on the fritz.

To counteract the communication difficulties, add yellow to areas where you converse-the kitchen table, the living room-carry a yellow pillow around (no, I’m not kidding) or wear yellow. It all helps to ease communication and help you get through the next couple of weeks.

Goodbye Mercury Retrograde

As we enter into shorter days and longer nights leading up to Winter Solstice on Dec 21, we also say goodbye to Mercury retrograde. 
MR, as I affectionately call it, ended yesterday, as did the symptoms of the retrograde-

-Increased Difficulty with electronic devices

-Difficulty in interpreting others words, written and verbal

-Travel delays, mix ups

-Increased accidents, traffic, breakage of goods, misplacement of goods… you get the picture.

The upside is an increase in hearing from friends you haven’t heard from in awhile Refocus, reflection, reassessment.The retrograde is often bumpy, messy and difficult, but with some advantages. I’m still glad it’s over.

Until next time….

Going Home…

Mercury Retrograde and Thanksgiving. In Feng Shui, we spend a lot of time with others in their homes or in our own. Pay attention to what emotions these places evoke. Time for anything beginning with RE.

Today, I came home; one of my first homes anyway, the town where I went to intermediate and high school-beautiful Palos Verdes. These, they say are some of the most formative years.

It’s good to go home, to RE-live memories, like buying oysters with guaranteed pearl inside at Redondo Beach Pier with your bff for $1.00 each (now $11.50 each)

RE-flect on the good things that have happened, RE-direct your energy to more positive thoughts and pursuits, RE-define your goals. RE-examine your past, present or future plans. Most important, RE-visit your childhood.

Beware-Mercury Retrograde is Coming

Mercury Retrograde is the phenomenon when our neighbor, Mercury, passes earth at a slower speed than we are traveling and looks as if it is moving in the opposite direction.

When we pass each other, this is a Retrograde period. Retrograde begins July 26 and will end August 19.

Retrograde is a great time for any verb beginning with RE:

Reassess, reorganize, release etc. MR is also a time to hear from those you’ve not spoken to for awhile.

MR is not a good time to purchase something new, sign contracts, have elective surgery or begin a new relationship or business venture. It’s also more difficult to communicate, both physically and interpretively. Flights are delayed more often, calls dropped more frequently, emails lost in the ether.

Personally, I hate Mercury Retrograde! It’s at the very least a pain, and more often for me, very painful.

So how is MR related to Feng Shui? Feng Shui is all about the RE, so this weekend is a great time to reassess your space, reorganize, release physical things we no longer need and things in our head that no longer serve us.

Once we start moving in this direction, we are able to see what can fill these spaces we’ve RE’d and how to achieve balance, which is a primary function of Feng Shui. To maintain the Feng Shui balance, we need to RE about as often as MR occurs, about 4 times a year…… so hold on to your hats, or RE-linquish them, whichever best serves you.