Brick and Click

Go for a Brick and Click model. Check out my newest vlog post full of tips for your business. Watch:

Showroom Spruce

It’s time for a Showroom Spruce! Check out my 2nd vlog post full of tips for you. Watch:

How to Sell in This New Environment

I’ve ordered my vlogging starter kit online. It was so easy, I picked it up from sitting in my car curbside. Way to adapt, Best Buy! 

See my two tips for how to sell in this new environment we find ourselves in on my new vlog here:


Leib and Associates in October Issue of EnLIGHTenment Magazine!

We’re in EnLIGHTenment Magazine!-Check out “Small Spaces Are Big” featuring the expertise of pros Lisa Davenport and Melissa Leib in the October issue! Read it here: