Summer-Fire, Fame, Reputation

It’s Summer and it’s Hot! In Feng Shui, Summer is associated with the Southern direction. It’s also associated with high visibility, popularity, fame and reputation.

If you get the elemental balance right, you can elevate your popularity or reputation-you may be recognized in a public way for your achievements, or you may find your dance card full.

If you get it wrong, you may experience some negative notoriety, or scandal, and a decrease in your popularity.
So how do you get the balance right? It’s complicated…But here are some tips to get the most out of your summer:

If you’re seeking more positive visibility, spend time with your animals. Animals are the element of fire, which stokes fame and reputation.

Spend time in the Southern part of your home-this is where the sun is anyway.

The color red can boost the energy in this sector. So can triangular shapes.

Too much fire is just as bad as not enough fire. If you feel like everyone’s obsessed with you, and not in a good way, you may want to add some earth-like ceramics, to lessen the fire. If it’s out of control, bring on the water. 

Summer Lovin’

Red is the color of love, right?

But it’s also the color of Summer, and the South.

In Feng Shui, the color red is associated with fire (obvious), fame and, reputation. Fire is represented by triangular shapes, and by animals as well.

We all have times where fame and reputation are more easily accessed, but in general this is a good area of your space to work on your prominence.

Dog Days of Summer

Do you ever wonder why we call this time of year “The Dog Days of Summer?” It is the time of year when the brightest star, Sirius, becomes prominent in the Northern hemisphere night sky. The Greeks called the star Canis Majoris which translates into Dog Star.

This time is also associated with excessive heat, flood, fever and all around bad luck.

I’ll let you in on another secret; I’m an astronomy lover and I was an astronomy TA in college, so I love seeing Sirius this time of year!

But what does this mean in regards to Feng Shui? Summer corresponds to the South, yang energy, and to the element fire. Dogs, coincidentally, as animals are fire energy. This affects our fame and reputation area. To stoke your good reputation, let the light in in the southern part of your space. Add leather, the color red, photos of live animals or animals in motion. Light a candle, turn on your lights-whatever brings life to the south, and honor the dog and you should see success in your good reputation.

Summer is Coming Fast!

For those hot summer nights, if you desire a romantic relationship or want to stoke the romantic fire in an existing relationship, purple is a great choice for bedding. Purple, although not a primary romance sector color in Feng Shui (those are red, pink and white) is scientifically observed to be associated with more romantic encounters!