Boiling Over

It’s hot in the south, too hot, and with that comes irritation, impatience and anger-blood boiling. 

I believe we have reached the place where our collective rage and angst from COVID and all of its ramifications have reached the boiling point. 

What helps with too much heat? Earth and water… the same applies with tempers boiling over. 

It’s no wonder we get into the water when it’s too hot, or why animals get on the ground when they are hot.

If you’re stressed and boiling over, try adding some water to your drinking regime and hang out in the garden. 

Feng Shui and Master Bedrooms

One of the important areas inside the home to create good Feng Shui is the master bedroom. The bed is, of course, the most important element in the mix, so choose wisely! 

The bed should reside on an inside wall for “support.” For the same reason, you should not sleep under a window, considered a weak wall. 
The headboard should be taller than the footboard, but you don’t need a footboard. 

Solid wood is a great headboard material for stability and good sleep.
The master bedroom should be more yin than yang for better rest. Earth elements are good for a master bedroom, water is not as good an element as it is yang and may disrupt sleep.

Avoid sleeping under beams as they represent poison arrows and can exacerbate illness.

This bedroom pictured below is a good example of a good setup for good Feng Shui in a master bedroom. 

Image via

Water and Feng Shui

Last Sunday, Tom and I went riding around our house-OKA Henry Cowell State Park. We ended up having to cross the river to get where we were going. Tom rode across of course! I walked in bare feet.

Water is one of the most powerful elements in Feng Shui. In fact, the type of water features that exist  around your home have a huge impact on the Feng Shui of your home. 

Meandering water, like this river is the best water, neither stagnant nor rushing. 

Contrary to popular belief, living next to or above the ocean does not bring good Feng Shui to the home. You may be wealthy enough to buy a home beachfront, but the rushing water creates instability and overwhelm and clashes.

Stagnant water creates inertia, being stuck, and health issues along with it.

The best is meandering water, like this part of the San Lorenzo river pictured below. Roads also represent water so it is best to live next to roads that are curvy with little traffic. 

Meandering Water

And yes, I made it! 

Working 9 to 5???

Is your career stagnant? Overwhelmed? Whatever the issue, you are in luck this year as the career area (North sector) is visited by a good star. This is the area for promotions, education, writing and creativity. Add the water element in this area to strengthen the good luck of this star. Shells, fish, photos of moving water or bodies of water are all good cures. You can also use brown and green to enhance this wood star.


I don’t know about all of you, but I’m really bad at drinking enough water. The result-headaches and a scratchy throat!

What does this have to do with Feng Shui? Water, one of the 5 elements, is a balancing force for your space and for your body.

My predominant element is fire, so I need extra water to douse some of the fire, even things out. I operate on guilt, so I got “plant nanny” in the App Store. I water the plant when I drink water. If I drink enough, the plant is happy, not enough, he looks sad and half dead. This works for me; find something that works for you and get your water on.