The Color Yellow in Feng Shui

We went for our traditional New Years Day ride on Jan 1, and I finally spotted the elusive indigenous banana slug! He is bright, bright yellow as you can see and it got me thinking about colors and Feng Shui.

The color yellow is associated with communication and improving communication. It is associated with the element earth, which this not-so-little guy is sitting on, so yellow is used to ground people and things to the earth and to help communicate with others. This color is great in the center of your space but can also be used in the Northeast of your space to improve skills and knowledge. 

The elusive indigenous banana slug

Mercury Retrograde and Yellow

Yes, it’s that time again: Mercury Retrograde – time for confusing conversations, travel delays and electronics on the fritz.

To counteract the communication difficulties, add yellow to areas where you converse-the kitchen table, the living room-carry a yellow pillow around (no, I’m not kidding) or wear yellow. It all helps to ease communication and help you get through the next couple of weeks.

Good Feng Shui Clothing Colors

The year of the earth dog favors yellow as a color to surround yourself with for good luck in 2018. The problem is, there are about 3 people in the world who look great in yellow and for most, not so much. Do colors that we wear really affect Feng Shui? They can, but my advice is to wear colors that make you feel good, powerful, lucky, whatever that is. Don’t wear colors because they are supposed to be lucky, like yellow, if they are not suited for you. For me, my best colors are black and gray; I am very unlucky with light colors, especially around coffee.