When the Consultant Consults the Master

2020 has been a year for injuries in our household. Finding myself unable to Feng Shui Floyd, because life is just like that, I consulted a master. Richard Ashworth is a published master who is one of the only world renowned Classic Feng Shui/Bazi masters whose native language is English.

He advised us to move our bed so our heads are facing Southwest. This is to counter the opposing Metal Rat year to Tom’s yin Fire Day Stem.

I know this sounds like Greek…he also said to enter through our true Front door, which is in the Northwest, and much less convenient than our porch doors. Hopefully, this will help curtail the rate of physical injury sustained in 2020.


I’m excited to be studying with Richard to formally learn about Bazi (birth charts) and synthesize this with the classical Feng Shui in his dual mastery program. 

Meanwhile, hold tight for a wild end of 2020, with Mercury Retrograde in full force-it promises to be volatile. 

Feng Shui and Master Bedrooms

One of the important areas inside the home to create good Feng Shui is the master bedroom. The bed is, of course, the most important element in the mix, so choose wisely! 

The bed should reside on an inside wall for “support.” For the same reason, you should not sleep under a window, considered a weak wall. 
The headboard should be taller than the footboard, but you don’t need a footboard. 

Solid wood is a great headboard material for stability and good sleep.
The master bedroom should be more yin than yang for better rest. Earth elements are good for a master bedroom, water is not as good an element as it is yang and may disrupt sleep.

Avoid sleeping under beams as they represent poison arrows and can exacerbate illness.

This bedroom pictured below is a good example of a good setup for good Feng Shui in a master bedroom. 

Image via housely.com

Dog days of Summer, Feng Shui and pets

We are prepping…for a dog! Said dog must be cool with cats, as Licorice is going strong at 18+. It’s time. What do dogs, and pets in general have to do with Feng Shui? Feng Shui is about the home, where it is, the forms and elements surrounding it, timing, and who occupies the home. If your kids are of the furry variety, they also affect the energy of the home. The 4 legged kids are usually Yang Energy. We began discussing Yin and Yang energy a couple of weeks ago, so I want to give you some Yin Yang perspective regarding your pets.

Fish are yin, if you are wondering. Fish=water=yin when it’s still water.

Animals are associated with the South, and Fire element, making them Yang. They add good energy to homes, but it’s all about balance. Too much of a good thing becomes a problem if your pet’s health and your health suffer. No hoarding! How many is too many? If you have 30 acres, you can spread the love, if you have a 400ft studio in New York, think small and one.

Post your pets! We’d love to see them.

Licorice the cat
Our cat Licorice

Bending Metal in times of great stress

Many Classical Feng Shui practitioners predicted a year of worldwide turmoil and widespread illness of the lungs for this Metal Rat year; if we’d only known! This Metal Rat year is Yang energy, whereas next year, 2021, the year of Metal Ox, will be Yin Metal energy. Yang Metal is associated with loudness, combativeness, fighting for rights, rebellion, escalation. 

This is all part of the cycle. That is not to say that anyone knew any of these specific events would occur, and simultaneously, but it was known that it would be a year of drastic change.

The Yang metal of the first half of 2020 will eventually give way to yin metal, more introspection and absorption of the events occurring currently. The hope is that this will allow for constructive analysis and definitive action to heal and advance our higher goals.

If you have too much metal in your life=aggression, anger, fight, inflexibility, you can add some fire element to decrease the feelings. Animals represent fire, so they are helpful to calm too much metal. If you lack metal, you may lack focus, be undisciplined, or suffer from substance abuse. Adding earth, or, of course, metal, will help strengthen metal element in your life.

Metal’s properties are pretty spectacular; it can change form, bending and flexing far more than one can imagine. That is what I imagine when I visualize the world during this time, bending metal. We are being tested to the breaking point, but the metal will keep bending and will not break, nor will our resilience or spirit.

Yin and Yang and Feng Shui

Yin and yang is a basic tenet of Feng Shui but is often difficult to observe. Now that we are relegated to our homes, it is helpful to see what kind of home you live in. Mountains are often considered yin as they do not move, and are balanced by water, which is always moving and yang. If you have freeway bypasses near your home, that is a representation of fast moving water and is often too much yang. If you have a winding street with slow traffic, that is an ideal representation of water-meandering and more yin.

The idea is to create a balance of nearly equal yin and yang. 

yin and yang