What a Difference an Hour Makes:  Destiny Chart and hour of birth

Melissa Leib

Melissa Leib

I had to double check.

My Feng Shui Master had plotted my Bazi chart the old-fashioned way; looking at almanacs and lunar calendars. My Day Master was Weak Yin Earth-I didn’t like the way that sounded!

So, I do as I aways did; I researched the hour thing, as it is complicated and involved GMC, time in China, and time and exact longitude of birthplace. Like a scientist, I replicated the experiment on different websites, and my Bazi is totally different based on the hour entered.

With the online calculation, which I did it on no less than 5 websites, I’m solid Yin Earth! This is quite a different destiny than Weak Yin Earth and involves using and avoiding entirely different elements than I’d learned from the first reading.

When I interpret each one, they are different because the animal and element are different from each other for the hour. Fire Tiger(Tiger is wood) rather than Wood Ox (earth)

So, my entire identity changed because of one hour! I guess the question is: does it matter, and would I do anything differently? Yes, maybe, yes…

Knowing your birth chart gives you some great insight into strengths, weaknesses, and challenges and level of ease in one’s life. You can always change what you do as you move through life knowing these things.

Moral of story-If you want an accurate birth chart, KNOW YOUR STATS and embrace technology.