What Happens If You Sleep Under Beams

Melissa Leib

Melissa Leib

Lots of homes have structural and non structural beams as part of their design elements.


Beams can be really beautiful, but what happens if you sleep under them?


In Feng Shui, beams represent a bisection and/or a poison arrow if located just so. So, if you find yourself underneath one, how and where does it bisect you?

Perpendicular to where you sleep – beams that cut your upper and lower body from each other can have a physical effect on you depending on where the beam is.

-Cutting head or head from neck:  headaches, memory problems, eye problems

-Cutting near the heart:  chest and lung issues, weakness in the heart, cardiac issues

-Cutting the middle:  reproductive issues, issues conceiving, stomach/gut and diet issues, deficiencies

-Cutting near or at the legs:  mobility issues, lethargy, inertia


How to remedy if you have sleep issues or any issues mentioned above and you sleep below a perpendicular beam:


-Paint beams same color as ceiling.

-Consider removing the beams if they are not structural.

-Cover the beams with fabric or create a barrier from the beams with a material of sorts.

-There is a cure with special bamboo flutes hung on an offending beam. I’ve tried this and it didn’t work for me, but you should try it yourself. Here’s a link to bamboo flutes.